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nine18photo.com FAQ

Q: How do I purchase pictures?

A: With our new site, it's a very simple process. Choose the photo you like and either click the cart icon from the thumbnail, or click the big blue "BUY" button in the bottom right corner. From there you can select your options for that photo, select multiple photos, or in some cases (namely sports photos) select a photo package to order.  Once you checkout, all orders are shipped directly to you.

Q: Sports photo packages, how do they work?

A: After you click the big blue "BUY" button (or the cart from the thumbnail), select "Buy photo package." Here you'll choose which package you'd like to order. Now here's where things get a little different than your typical sports package ordering process. Because we shoot not only the standard posed team photos, but also the game itself, it's understood you may have multiple pictures you'd like to order. You'll be brought to a page with options for each print in your package. Simply select the image you'd like for each print and add your package to your cart.

Q: For sports photos, do I have to buy a package?

A: All sports photos are also available for individual purchase. Too many favorite images to choose from? Grab a package and a few extra prints of the other shots. Don't want a whole package of images? Pick what you'd like. Our packages are fun collections of options you may enjoy, and by ordering a package you'll receive your items at a discount over their individual purchase, but you're free to order as you'd like. Our goal is to remain as flexible to your needs as possible.

Q: All of these photos are watermarked, will my prints come watermarked?

A: No, your prints will be free of the nine18photo watermark. The watermark is simply there to deter any sort of image theft from the original files.

Q: I want to share my pictures on facebook or through other digital means, how can I do this?

A: Through a great option we offer known as the printmarked download. When you select "BUY" and are selecting print options, you'll notice on the top right a tab that says "DOWNLOADS." From there you can select from two options, the original file with a license to print it on your own, or a smaller printmarked image for $1. This is a small "facebook appropriate" size image that will have our site, nine18photo.com, printmarked in the corner. It doesn't interfere with the image, but it helps us get the word out while giving you a very cheap option to share your image on the internet. This size image is not suitable for printing.

Q: Lustre?  Metallic?  You're saying crazy things right now.

A: Lustre and metallic are the two print options we offer here. Instead of glossy or matte we offer lustre and metallic (neither of which I named, so don't expect an answer about their goofy names).   Lustre is our base offering, and it combines the best of glossy and matte finishes while being better at both.  Metallic is our "fancy" option and, while costing a little more, many people appreciate the extra pop it gives the image.

Q: Why are your portrait images sold at a lower price than your sports images?

A: Portrait sessions are booked and paid for up front. We offer the ability to quickly and conveniently order high quality prints (and much larger reproductions and art pieces) for our portrait clients, but those clients are also in possession of high resolution files and able to make their own prints.

Q: How can I book a shoot?

A: Just send an email our way! We're booking now for any time in the future, no matter how far out. Know you want to book a specific date (family beach vacation, event, wedding)? Get in touch now and we'll lock it in for you.

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